Thursday, March 6, 2014

Papercraft Princess Mononoke Kodama

Templates on how to make Gangsta Kodama AKA Forest Spirit!!!

What you will need!!!
-Print out Templates
-scissors / x-acto knife
-glue (any kind is fine)

 After you have printed out the templates I have put on here cut it out. (This is a link to the youtube video that showed me how to make this shoe step by step)

This is just a picture I found that I thought was really cool style.

This is the body of the character you basically just cut the solid lines and glue the tab to the other side.
The circle at the bottom is to put on the bottom of the body were there is a opening you glue.
There will be paper that you don't use on the circle you just cut it off.
Once you finished cut little round lines and there you will have a opening to put your legs.

Just like the body you do the same thing for the head. Cut an opening were the pointy piece of the body can fit in to the head.

These are the legs cut them out and you will not be glueing it end to end. Stick the blue one into the shoe and stick the other end into the bottom of the body. Cut out the purple one and glue the tab to the other end and bend down the triangle pieces and glue the round like circle to it. this will be the arms/hands. at the top of it put glue on it and place is where ever you like.

This will be the hat cut it in half under dope and cut out an round part for the snap back part.

After this your papercraft should look like this.


I had a lot of fun making this project it was hard at some times but over all it was great. On illustrator I used the Pen Tool. If you haven't seen the movie Princess Mononoke you should really look at it. 

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